• A ferry service was operating from the 1920’s until 1996-97 at this site.
  • After a feasible study(1988) that demonstrated the need for a service, the United Council of Prescott Russell invested nearly 3 millions dollars in the early 1990’s for a road and bridge to Clarence Island to upgrade the ferry service.
  • The service was lost because of heavy trucks causing excessive noise. The road has since become a no trucks route.
  • A petition (7 day period) for the return of a ferry service between Clarence Islands and Thurso has generated over 6000 signatures in March 2005.
  • Motorists save time and over 150000 litres of gasoline yearly by using the ferry service and reducing there commuting milage.
  • Environmentally a substantial gain.
  • A direct access across the Ottawa river mean less traffic on our already over congested roads.
  • The service creates new jobs.
  • Ecolos helps local economy.